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  • Last updated August 22, 2014
  • About MAP SSG

    MAP Staffing Solutions Group was established with the goal of building long-term relationships with clients and candidates and to build a network of technology professionals. The mission is to assist clients with developing and implementing successful recruiting strategies and to get the most value from the staffing process. The people are the most important asset to any company and hiring the right resources is a critical step in ensuring the future success of an organization. MAP SSG bridges the gap between candidates and hiring managers and helps to ensure that the most talented professionals are introduced to our clients.

    We provide traditional temporary help, professional-level staff, strategic partnerships and regular, full-time hires. Our recruiters have the skill and savvy to match up clients and candidates that are not only a technical but a cultural and organizational fit, as well.

    We cover management positions such as CIO, CTO, COO, and all technical positions: